Crystal Meth Facts: How Do Pass a Urine Drug Test Probation?

Question by James: How do pass a urine drug test probation?
I am on probation i know its not good to be asking this and that abstaining from it is the best option. But i have a meeting with my PO on thursday and smoked two weeks ago any ideas on passing a urine screen with my own urine and not using a detox drink? thanks for your help!

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Answer by lurch
Don’t do drugs. Pretty simple.

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6 Responses to “Crystal Meth Facts: How Do Pass a Urine Drug Test Probation?”

  • sk8terbro727:

    drink TONS of water, i mean like water 24/7 allll the time, lots of it. And dont smoke again its retarded

  • claudiacake:

    Not that I know of. Detox drinks do not work. Don’t ever place all your hopes on them. Only two weeks ago? I don’t think you have a snowball’s chance of passing this one.

  • Shawn:

    if you don’t use a detox then you just hope it went through your system already.

  • Panama:

    If you smoked like 2 bowls and only did it one day early in the week you should be straight.

  • 4rc4ngel:

    I hope you’re smoking marijuana and not crystal meth, that shit is crazy. But I’m not gonna bag on you for that like most of these douches since you came here to get a question solved (I’m going to assume that you were smoking marijuana in the following):

    Urine drug tests are quite possibly the easiest drug tests to pass. My cousins and friends have done it many times before and it only takes 3-4 days.

    First, to get rid of any standing THC in your bloodstream, you drink lots of water, but make sure not to reach 2 gallons a day or you will suffer hyponatremia (electrolyte imbalance). This rarely ever happens though unless you’re a complete idiot and can’t seem to register the fact that your brain is swelling from over-hydration. Important to this is also getting that water out with any impurities through sweating (I recommend sauna & treadmill) & urination. This process done for 2-3 days should remove any standing THC in the bloodstream.

    Usually, as a safety measure, this is the next step some of my friends have done, but my cousin passed his test by only doing the above. Drink lots of water before your test since urine collected in the morning is the most concentrated. This will dilute your urine and make any released THC (from fat cells since THC is fat-soluble) be minimal if not undetectable. Most drug testing facilities have standards, as in the urine must not be clear since it’s a sign of attempted dilution. To fix this, my friends will either take a B vitamin, or drink anything rich in B vitamins like Red Bull/Monster/Full Throttle since it colors urine yellow.

    Congratulations, you’ve just passed your drug test. Happy 420.

  • jezterdetroit:

    FAVORITE EPISODE SO FAR!! All these scenes were awesome then? and look great again now too! :)

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