Narconon Discusses the Crystal Methamphetamine Epidemic – OfficialWire

Crystal Meth Rehab: Narconon Discusses The Crystal Methamphetamine Epidemic – OfficialWire
Narconon has been treating drug addiction for nearly half a century and continues to be at the forefront of the industry with regard to substance abuse rehabilitation, prevention and education. One-tenth of a gram of crystal methamphetamine costs anywhere …
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Crystal Meth Rehab: Marijuana maintenance isn’t the same as sobriety –
My problems were just drinking and crystal meth – what could it hurt … forgetting everything I learned in rehab. I justified it by telling myself that I’ve never had a problem with marijuana and that it wasn’t as harsh as other drugs and alcohol.
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Crystal Meth Rehab: Face of addiction – The effects of crystal meth

This video is a compilation of pictures of a lady from before until after (over a few years) she was on crystal meth

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