Crystal Meth Addiction – educational.wmv

Crystal Meth Addiction: Crystal Meth addiction – educational.wmv

A story of a girl who started Meth at 12 and at the age off 15 she was found dead with the needle still in her arm. Crystal meth, faces of meth, Methamphetamine, meth abuse, addictiion, effects of meth, destructive, education
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Crystal Meth Addiction: Mitchell says she is listening to constituents
Huron-Bruce MPP Carol Mitchell takes umbrage when she hears that people are saying she’s not listening to the concerns of local residents about the closing of the Walkerton jail.
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Crystal Meth Addiction: For ‘Winter’s Bone’ music, an extended season
Marideth Sisco and Blackberry Winter are playing traditional Ozark Mountains music, featured in the evocative 2010 film, on a tour that stops this week in Hollywood. What happens when you’re a musician who can qualify for the senior discount at…
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