Canadian Crystal Meth Facts: Help Please?

Question by Rowen Lee: Canadian Crystal Meth Facts: Help please?
Hi, I’m doing a drug project for school, my topic obviously being Crystal Meth. I am currently having some troubles finding a few statistics. Can anyone help? They don’t have to be any specific fact i suppose, just as long as they focus around the topic. Maybe things such as use, the amount of people killed by it yearly, etc etc? I have googled up some, but they seem to be increasingly hard to find….but maybe it’s just me. I’d appreciate it if you can get me as many as you can. ( I need 10 in total, but i already have a few )

Thanks for the help
Facts work too….Still waiting on help! Please respond soon.

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Answer by Garry Blight
hi, my name is garry
tell your class that you heard from x i had my own farm wife @ 2 children, isold the farm for my x left me for i was on speed i brought a house full of furnisher, too cut it short i finaly lost my house and ended up sleeping on a damp materes in a shed,so started getting credit,and of cource could not pay one night 4 men broke in, put a axe through my scull,split my forehead open smashed my teeth out, broke my soulder in many places with a hamer,cut one leg right throgh to the bone and broke the othere one,it put me in hospital for 1yr, there was a lot more happend but it would take to much time to put it all duon tell them to love life and a loved one not speed it was hard to get of off but worth it iknow own my house and what ever else you would need.garry

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Crystal Meth Facts: Marijuana VS. Crystal Meth – Funny but true video

Follow us on Twitter @Realdrugfacts Like us on facebook! Go too .. Ok so this video isn’t owned by TheREALdrugfacts as you can see. But i thought it would be a pretty funny video to show all my watchers. =The main message in the film is that all us drug users aren’t supporting the use of all drugs. And that the term drugs is to general as you can see in the video. =Also that crystal meth is bad and you should never do it (lol)
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