Crystal Meth Facts: Can Crystal Meth Be Absorbed Transdermally?

Question by Citrus: Can Be Absorbed Transdermally?
One of my friends recently tried to convince me that he was on meth because he had touched some that someone had been smoking while it was hot and he had absorbed it transdermally, like through his skin. I told him meth doesn’t transfer transdermally, but he insisted it did when hot. I’m 90% sure he’s bullshitting me, but would appreciate evidence to back it up so I can confront him. Anyone know or have ?

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not the way he described it, he was pulling your leg

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Crystal Meth Facts: Kanye West is an Ego Maniac!!!

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  • Jessica O:

    yes it can absorbed transdermally but he was pullin your leg. he cant get high from just touching it

  • gmp9999:

    Any substance can be absorbed transdermally. just dont know how the effects would differ.

  • AbeLincolnParty:

    The base form is usually smoked.

    Maybe some of it was inhaled from second-hand or third-hand smoke (the smoke that clings to clothes.)

    Ideally, for a drug to be absorbed transdermally in effective amounts it must be potent (check), and fat soluble (the base is fat soluble). Meth base fits the requirements. I am not certain about the salt form.

  • cheapestpcrepair:

    There are many different ways of making methamphetamines, each method brings different dangers. Handling meth or meth residue can burn your skin, if you get it in your eyes and can experience temporary blindness and burning, breathing meth fumes or gases can cause respiratory damage especialy during it’s production.

    One thing that is very sure, is that just touching meth can get you “high” but I seriously doubt that touching someone who is high could get you high, perhaps if you drank a glass or too of that persons sweat or something, but even then you would probably get sick before high. I do not think your friend is being honest with you. I think he needs drug rehab and here is a link with a video that can help: this video is from a drug rehab center that accepts insurance, will send you a airplane ticket for free if you need transportation and if you are not insured they will give you 100% drug rehabilitation financing. Oxycotin is not safe, your body easily builds up higher tolerance to it and you need more more more, many people die from oxycontin overdose every year. If you have a chemical dependency to oxycontin my heart goes out to your friend! Your friend certainly needs some type of help with his chemical dependance.

  • Xxrickibee94xX:

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  • TacoBoy210:

    @nounever We all do.

  • aabear9:

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  • alexgomez123:

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  • nounever:

    I want to fuck Sarah Palin with a knife.

  • nellie2581:

    Sarah Palin is to blame. True that Kanye is ego maniac.

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  • lance2k11:

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  • Sheepy007:

    @kevinbrueck I hope this is not something like a cruel joke

  • bonscottrusxxx:

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  • ThatsMyNameLOL:

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    Gucci is probably like “I needed some ice cream wit mah Lemonade” lmfao

  • inuyashapast:

    im pretty sure YouTube was making meth with Brett Favres dick

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  • mojothemigo:

    I like Sarah Palin, I think she would be a good president and she had nothing to do with this. The shooter was a nutjob, but he was also a pothead and there are a lot of reports of people who knew him he had a lot of left wing views, HATED G.W. Bush, and had The Communist Mannifesto listed on his Myspace page. The idea that Palin had anything to do with this pisses me off to no end

  • guitarlicious:

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  • tmgrnfn1:

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