Crystal Meth Facts: CRYSTAL METH Plz Help?

Question by LoveStefanSalvatore: CRYSTAL METH plz help?
please help i need this information for a project.

1.What is the addictive qualities of Crystal Meth

2. What effect does it have on the fetus?

3. What are the fatality statistics of Crystal Meth?

4. What are the crime statisitcs?

5. What are interesting Facts about Crystal Meth

thank you very much any extra information will help.

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Answer by david
if u need street value and good locations to start i got some pointers

(jus kidding)

check on wikipedia if ur serious about finding these answers

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Crystal Meth Facts: Crystal meth Health Project

Crystal Meth Short Story&Information By:Kathy Nguyen Info: Myth: Crystal Meth is impossible to be unaddicted to. Fact: Crystal meth is hard to resist when already tried, but it is possible to quit it. Myth: Takes a while for it to show effects. Facts:Smoking or injecting Crystal Meth can produce effects within seconds. Short Term: Anxiety – Paranoia -Confusion -Loss of appetite -Increased Activity -Insomnia -Euphonia Long Term; Mood Disturbance -Dependence – Extreme Weight Loss -Hallucinations -Stroke -Psychosis Legal Status: Illegal to Produce, supply or possess it. It is also illegal to allow premise to be used for supply. producing crystal meth Street names: Ice, Glass, Christina, Tina, Crystal Methylamphetamine, Crystal Methaphetamine. Appearance:Clear crystal Chunks , similar to appearance to ice or glass, orderless and colourless. How it is abused:Abused because of its can be smoked or injected. Extra info. OVERDOSE: It is very important for people to know the signs of an overdose to make sure it can be treated quickly and effectively. They include: -Loss of consciousness or coma -Faster breathing -Seizures or uncontrollable —-twitching -Overheating -Racing or irregular heart beat -Chest pain WHERE TO GET HELP: If you, a family member or a friend has a problem with substance use, there are ways to get help. One option is to talk to someone you trust such as your doctor, a teacher, a health nurse, or a guidance or addiction counselor. Or others. -Centre for
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