Customs, Police Help Foil Attempt to Smuggle 3.4kg Crystal Meth – Gulf News

Crystal Meth Facts: Customs, police help foil attempt to smuggle 3.4kg crystal meth – Gulf News
Dubai: Dubai Customs Monday foiled an attempt to smuggle 3.4kg of crystal meth, concealed in the luggage of an Asian … department and anti-narcotics department of Dubai Police, the information regarding the passenger and the bag were then relayed to …
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Crystal Meth Facts: Narconon Discusses The Crystal Methamphetamine Epidemic – OfficialWire
Crystal meth is a stimulant narcotic that has posed serious personal and social consequences across our nation. In order to combat this dangerous trend in drug addiction, Narconon is discussing vital information on crystal meth statistics and recovery options.
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Crystal Meth Facts: CORRECTION: Two sentenced for role in drug ring – Evansville Courier-Press
Due to incorrect information provided to The Gleaner by the office … Two Henderson residents accused of bringing large quantities of crystal methamphetamine from the Southwest to Henderson were sentenced Thursday in U.S. District Court.
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