If You “choose” to Keep Your Kids High on ADD Drugs, Expect to Send Them to Rehab at Least 5 Times!!! DUH!!

Question by lioness_oh_yes: If you “choose” to keep your kids high on ADD drugs, expect to send them to rehab at least 5 times!!! DUH!!
Dr.s should just admit Ritalin-type drugs are” legally sanctioned METH” and your kids have a HIGH chance of becoming an addict as an adult. Why are you drugging them???
FACT: Kids have the attention span of a gnat! Send them outside to play. YOU take the Ritilin!
FACT: If you let a Dr. put your child on these meds, your kid is a lab rat! Think Hitler’s SS…he put them on meth, they were killing machines.
FACT: A very high percentage of kids between 17 and 27 who are drug (meth, coke, heroine) users or addicts were at one time on Ritalin, Concerta, Adderall, etc.
FACT: These drugs are way too much for kids’ brains, but work quite well for adults. Our brains were fried long ago!

I guess this is where the Federal Government starts to make drug rehab free for “certain individuals”. Hmmm. Lab rats=wealthy/upper-middle class white American kids, maybe?

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Answer by lucifer d
so where is the question. that looked like a really big statement. and who are you to tell others what’s best for their kids.

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