Agassi Confesses to Taking Crystal Meth

Crystal Meth: Agassi confesses to taking crystal meth
Andre Agassi, one of the greatest players in modern tennis, has confessed to using the highly addictive illegal drug crystal methamphetamine while a player. The winner of eight grand slam titles including Wimbledon in 1992 has revealed he lied to the game's governing body, the Association of Tennis Professionals, by claiming he had taken the drug by accident. In his forthcoming book, serialised …
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Crystal Meth: Catch-up TV guide: from Sisa: Cocaine Of The Poor to YouTube Comedy Week
Sisa: Cocaine Of The Poor | Wireless Nights | Vikings | Bankers | Funhouse/Knightmare | YouTube Comedy Week Video: Sisa – Cocaine Of The Poor Another Vice doc looking at homemade narcotics. This time it's about sisa, a potent form of crystal meth that is plaguing Athens, and killing its addicts. Users aren't taking sisa at house parties, they're injecting in the street, in broad daylight, for …
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Crystal Meth: Crystal Meth Woman – New Song 😛

A song about a Methamphetamine addicted prostitute … created on the spur of the moment. Pudsy440 on bass.
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