Are HIV Statistics Still Higher in Gay Communities Than in Other Minorities?

by wwwesb

Question by =I: Are HIV statistics still higher in gay communities than in other minorities?
I just watched a documentary from 2006 called “meth” which had about 10 highly intelligent gay guys who were addicted to crystal meth and they were hiv positive…is this phase over, is there a new demographic leading hiv stats? I’d like to think so, gay and lesbians have taken the brunt of the aids stigma for way way too long
I never asked for “faults”. By saying fault, you place blame…how can you place blame by people who didn’t even know the disease existed?

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Answer by Thius
It is their own fault.Promiscuous sex.
The year was 1976.Many gay men in the L.A. & N.Y.C.area were showing up at the doctors with some very rare ailments.It turns out that all of these men had the same unknown virus.Years later identified and named HIV.
That is how it all began.

I have researched.Read many books on the subject.
Homosexual gay bath houses were dominating certain cities in the mid 1970’s.That’s where a homosexual would go for an unknown sexual encounter.That’s how AIDS began in this country.How the virus landed here in the first place remains a mystery.Many believe it is from an African that migrated to this country.He had contracted it through primates.He also happened to be homosexual.
I think it was God’s wrath.

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