Best Way to Handle a Meth Withdrawal?

Question by Ashley: Best way to handle a meth withdrawal?
So I did meth. I didn’t know what it was but a friend told me I could have ”fun” on it. He was gay and brought me to an orgy.

Now I’m recovering.

Anyway, now I feel terrible. I don’t itch. I only took about 10 good big hits.

Anyone got experience in this?

Best answer:

Answer by Jojo
Get a good detox that’ll get rid of the drugs in your system as well as cut out the cravings or withdrawal syptoms… get a sauna/steam bath and massages if you can…
And don’t just follow what your friends say – use your own logic/common sense!
Activated medical charcoal from a pharmacy or health shop will adsorb the drugs and take away a lot of the withdraw symptoms.
And don’t do it again… It can be very dangerous if you’re not in full control of your own body and mind..

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