Is Crystal Meth Satanic?

Question by Dennis: Is Crystal Meth Satanic?
My brother developed a meth problem and I know this sounds crazy but all the meth addicts I have been around actually act more possessed then anything. I have never noticed this in people that are addicted to other drugs. When you look at my brother you can actually see the ugliness of his soul coming out of smile and eyes. Its actually scary.

I have read a lot about meth since it entered my life and I keep hearing all these stories about tweekers seeing demons and shadow people even if they aren’t religious. My brother’s girlfriend was really into the occult and she started taking meth to open herself up to the spiritual world. She is completely insane now.

Something else is people that are on meth are drawn too me and they all instantly hate me. It is very weird. It is almost like something is influencing their perception of me. I am not a very religouse person but I was talking to my brother one day about God and it seemed like I was getting through to him but then the next time I seen him he went off on me for no reason and beat me up! He never touched me before in his life.

I don’t know what it is but I was wondering if anyone else has had any similar experiences. People on meth remind me of Satan they are so pridefull, violent and dishonest. I am not sure where to post this so I will be posting the same question on 3 boards.

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Answer by Kandiboots
Satan is a mythical being, crystal meth gives you brain damage which is why the addicts act like loonies.

Long term crystal meth side effects may include:
I. Psychosis and Paranoia
II. Hallucinations and Delusions
III. Obsessive compulsive behavior
IV. Damage to brain
V. Memory loss
VI. Aggressive or Violent behavior
VII. Meth mouth
VIII. Anorexia
IX. Mood instability

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