THE RANGER: A Quinn Colson Novel

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Crystal Meth: THE RANGER: A Quinn Colson Novel
I moved Ace Atkins onto my must-read list of authors after finishing WHITE SHADOW, a crime novel based on an unsolved Tampa, Florida murder that occurred in the 1950s. He has remained firmly ensconced upon it ever since, through three subsequent historical crime novels, each better than the last.
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Crystal Meth: Charges dropped against mom accused of running over son
The Pima County Attorney’s Office has dropped the charges against a Tucson mother accused of killing her 4-year-old son last month when she hit him with a vehicle.
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Crystal Meth: The Water Cooler: AMC’s embarrassment of riches
‘Mad Men’ may be delayed, but the cable channel has plenty of other quality fish to fry. The reason AMC executives were willing to lock horns long enough with “Mad Men” creator Matthew Weiner to push the Season 5 premiere back a year is about to become very clear: AMC is flush with quality programming, flush enough to have three horses in the Emmy race. Which is good news for AMC, and viewers …
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Crystal Meth: Crystal Meth / Methamphetamine / Ice – Educational Video PSA

“Melting The Ice – Fighting Methamphetamine”. Sponsors: This program is made possible through a partnership with the Multijurisdictional Counterdrug Task Force Training (MCTFT) Program at St. Petersburg College and the Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America (CADCA), with the technical support of the Satellite Education Network (SEN) at Ft. Lee, VA. Target Audience Statement: Primary target audiences for this program will include law enforcement officials, drug prevention specialists, Drug-Free Communities Act grantees, administrators, school drug counselors, high school athletic officials, treatment providers, drug court members, policy makers, business leaders, coalition volunteers, drug demand reduction coordinators, criminal justice professionals, members of the religious community and other community partners who may be interested. This program is also suitable for Public Access television distribution. Program Summary And Objectives: It’s an epidemic… spreading across the country from west to east. If it isn’t in your community yet, it will be. Methamphetamine kills people every day and knows no boundaries. Coalitions and concerned citizens everywhere can play a part in slowing down this plague. During this hour-long broadcast, we’ll hear from law enforcement about the realities of fighting a drug that is “homegrown”–made using over-the-counter cold medicines and household chemicals. The drug is dangerous and so are those who make it. If you come across a lab

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